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    Notice of change for the

    Innoception Accelerator

  • Innoception.com is being updated as the personal webspace for Innoception's founder John Bell (now retired).

    The website content will soon be replaced with material about John's

    personal life adventures, creative projects, and innovative concepts.



    If you are interested in applying or using the unique and effective Startup Blueprint methods for creating highly successful early stage startup businesses., please leave a message for John at

    1+234 564 3150, or send an email to blueprint{at}innoception.com describing your interests.


    The copyrighted Startup Blueprint and Innception Accelerator technologies and material are available for license by reputable persons or companies interested in promoting the efficient

    and cost effective development of sustainable and scalable new business startups.

  • How Startup Blueprint Works

    The Startup Blueprint Canvas sequence: 3 Modules to a Successful Launch.



    Develop an Idea into a viable and validated Business Concept.



    Use your new business concept as the foundation for designing the ideal business model and strategies.


    Pre-launch Validation

    Validate your final business and financial strategies before committing to your expensive market launch.

  • 3 unique Business Canvas Modules
    Designed for Startup Entrepreneurs.

    The perfect balance of innovation, viability, and cost effectiveness.

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    The Business Concept Canvas Module

    This Business Concept Canvas helps to develop a raw idea into your viable business concept. The 6 canvas cells represent a sequence of Tasks that, when completed, will create a viable and well validated business concept for a specific market. By focusing on the business concept developed here, you will have the foundation for defining an efficient business plan and structure to sell high value products and services for a successful business launch

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    The Business Design Canvas Module

    The Business Design Canvas is built upon the framework defined by your Concept Blueprint Statement for a viable and validated business launch This is the framework upon which a successful business can be planned and implemented. First decide how to deal with external constraints such as customers, resources, and competition. Then you can develop a business model and strategies to optimize your business performance.

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    The Pre-launch Validation Canvas Module


    The Pre-launch Validation Canvas takes the entrepreneur through the final steps to ensure that there is a viable business ready for launch. This is where you will consult with experts to ensure that you are ready with the right products and services for your target market. You will also develop and validate the financial models and projections that are needed to manage a successful growth stage business.

  • A new generation of business canvas models.

    Features that no other business canvas model has for early stage startups.

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    Avoiding Failure

    Early Stage startups have an excessively high and costly failure rate! We fix that by guiding you thru the early stage business development process using an easy to follow step-by-step process that teaches you how to avoid the main reasons for failure in new startups.

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    Self Teaching

    Our sequential approach to business development teaches you about good entrepreneurship as you are developing a viable business based on proven methods. You are learning the Lean Startup process as you are building your new business.. This saves both time and money for cash strapped startups.

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    Built-in Resources

    Our Blueprint Canvas models include built-in instructions and links to key resources to guide new entrepreneurs as they work thru their canvas modules. This also includes access to specialized worksheets, templates, articles, and training videos in our premium versions.

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    The Startup Blueprint Canvas is the first in a series of advanced business canvas modules that can seamlessly guide a new business through all four stages of the business life cycle.: Startup, Growth, Sustainable, and Exit. Each stage has specific issues and constraints that our Blueprint Canvas models uniquely address.

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    Unique Tools

    We also offer unique tools, such as our proprietary "Startup Ona Stick" to help guide inexperienced entrepreneurs thru the treacherous pre-launch business development stage..